Land Clearing

Land clearing is when we remove trees, bushes, and other natural things from a piece of land so that it can be used for building, farming, or other purposes. We use big machines like excavators, skid steers, grapple trucks, and others to do this.

Tree Shop is proud to offer this service while also putting an effort always to be an environmentally responsible company while serving our clients all over Florida. We make sure to use the best practices to protect the environment and local ecology, as well as any long-term effects our clients will face (i.e., we never bury debris) while clearing land.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a technique used to clear land by grinding up trees, bushes, and other vegetation into small pieces called mulch. This is done using a machine and called a forestry mulcher, which is specifically designed to work on raw, undeveloped land.

The forestry mulcher has a large rotating drum covered in sharp knives. As the machine moves across your land, the teeth of the drum spin and grind up everything in their path, including trees, bushes, palms, stumps, and other plants.

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