Land Clearing

Land clearing is when we remove trees, bushes, and other natural things from a piece of land so that it can be used for building, farming, or other purposes. We use big machines like excavators, skid steers, grapple trucks, and others to do this.

Tree Shop is proud to offer this service while also putting an effort always to be an environmentally responsible company while serving our clients all over Florida. We make sure to use the best practices to protect the environment and local ecology, as well as any long-term effects our clients will face (i.e., we never bury debris) while clearing land. This means we use methods that are sustainable and don't harm the environment. Tree Shop will never recommend clearing and grubbing land that doesn't require it. We also use cost-effective techniques, which means we can save our clients money while still doing a fantastic job. Whether you need land cleared for a new house or a business or government agency that needs land cleared for a project, we can help you do it the best way possible.
I my 25 years in business, I have never experienced such a great service when dealing with a service provider. It was totally stress and worry free, from the first contact to the finished job, Lacey and Jeremiah were so professional and correct at all times, that I highly recommend their service to anyone reading this note... Jeremiah and Lacey, please never change your approach and attention to details, your formula is just PERFECT!!!
Ivan Cajina
So here is the thing, I don't often do reviews. But when I do it's because I've run across a truly exceptional company! What can I say about tree shop, easy these are incredible people to do business with! Not only is the job they do phenomenal. The machine which they use to do the land clearing and chipping alone is just amazin!

But they are kind, courteous, thorough, prompt and definitely affordable! I just can't say enough nice things about the job this company does and the integrity they bring to the table! Thank you tree shop, I will be recommending you to everybody I know!

I only wish I had thought to take before and after pictures. The dense foliage and underbrush everywhere was unbelievable.
I don’t write reviews often, but felt in this case I absolutely needed to. The Tree Shop is one of the best businesses I have ever dealt with. From the initial call I had with Lacey, I knew I found the perfect company to get the job I wanted done! She was extremely helpful and informative. She sent me their business YouTube channel so I could see exactly what I would be getting from their work. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to get the job scheduled quickly and Jeremiah (who did the clearing) was punctual, informative, professional and gave us a lot of helpful advice. I will continue to use them to finish out my project and would recommend The Tree Shop to anyone! They are truly fantastic and I am grateful that I found them! Great company and great people!! Can not say enough good things about them. 100 % would recommend this company!
Lisa Snowden
Great Service, very good communication. Jeremiah got there, jump on that beast, on a 20+% inclination. Boy got skills! Very professional! Will use them again soon!
Jose Rojas
Forestery Mulching, what a perfect solution and cost effective alternative to classic land clearing, Phase #1 done in a day. Land is now usable and Spot on to Vision.. Next excavate the actual site build phase #2 and Tree Shop will get the call.. Thank you Jeremiah and Lacey what a fun day ! #trusttreeshop
Bodie Valdez
Great service! Scheduling was quick and easy. The lots were done in a few hours and we are so pleased with how they turned out.
Raquel Nunez
They were fast, responsive, and gave a good detailed plan on what would be done. The work was good and fast. Would use them again. We were blown away how much they cleared away in a short amount of time.
Mathew Butler
Had forestry mulching (clearing all under brush, saplings and palmettos) done on adjacent property we recently joined to our backyard (quarter acre). In a couple hours, what would have been weeks of work for me to clear with handheld power tools was done. Now I can maintain it to keep the palmetto bushes at bay and create more play space for the kids. I would refer Tree Shop to anyone in North Central FL who has thick brush that they are ready to use or just to cut back for wildfire prevention. Forestry mulching is the way to go as there is nothing to haul away and it returns to the dirt as it breaks down.
JLW Hein

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